Natural vs Relaxed Hair...which one to choose

As a hairstylist with over 10 years experience I get ask a lot of question. Since everyone seems to be going back to their roots and rocking their natural texture, the question remains “Should I go natural or stay relaxed?”. 

Now there are always pros and cons to this question. My first response is usually natural may or may be for you but let’s try it and see.  As you know everyone don’t have the same hair type and texture. I personally don’t believe in the hair texture chart mainly because we have at least 2 different textures of hair on our head at once. I also believe that because your hair texture is on the chart that certain products just don’t work for you that may work for others. We all have didn’t body chemistry so a product for me may the worst ever for you.


How to:

To start transitioning back to your natural texture let the relaxer grow out. By trying different protective styles. Give your natural texture time to grow out usually for a minimum of 3 relaxers or 6 months. If at that time you can manage your hair with shampooing, conditioning and detangling. Then….bye, bye relaxer.  If not….the creamy crack is waiting at the nearest salon.


Regardless of what you decide your hair still needs to be moisturized and managed with great products.


Happy Healthy Hair!

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