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I have natural hair but lately I have noticed it's dry and coming out a lot. I have been natural for almost a 1½ years and just recently noticed a change in my hair. I normally get a blow out but about 3 weeks ago I got a flat twist style.  When I went back to the salon my hair was tangled, dry and hard. I need your help! What's some good care products?  What can I do to get my hair back healthy? 


P.S. Almost forgot I just recently had a baby 4 months ago.  I started to retake my prenatal vitamins cause maybe that will help. So whatever you can do to help I will take it.... Ms. T


Thank you Ms. T for your questions. I love getting questions like these. This is what I live for correcting hair issues and growing healthy hair. As a healthy hair care specialist my first recommendation is since having a baby only 4 months ago your body may still be going through changes. Some people do experience hair changes whether good or bad after having a baby. Pregnancy does put your body through a hormonal imbalance. I suggest you take the remainder of your prenatal vitamins. Also if you have a refill on them, fill and take those as well. This will help your body with the necessary nutrient that’s needed to create a normal hormonal balance in your body.

I recommend that until your hair becomes healthy stop blowing it out or wearing any protective style. Begin a regime of shampooing your hair on a weekly basis for the next month to fix the dryness. You will also see less tangling, resulting in less shedding and hard hair. Before you shampoo your hair, apply a generous amount of Organic Coconut Oil this can be purchased from any health food or Whole Foods store. Massage oil down to your scalp, cover and let it penetrate into the cuticle of the hair for the next 30-45 minutes. Next, shampoo and condition your hair with a hydrating and/or moisturizing shampoo. Then add a curl defining cream like our hair nourish cream. Followed by our hair nourish oil and either wear natural, braid or twist to set your hair. Every 2 or 3 days add a little hair nourish oil to your hair to moisturize. Remember to cover at night with a satin bonnet. Follow this and you should see an improvement in the condition of your hair.

Healthy hair is a journey can be challenging but with great products and healthy hair regime commitment of 30 day to achieve beautiful hair.

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