Embracing Your Shrinkage

Believe me when I tell you that shrinkage is one of the greatest struggles when it comes to natural hair. For those trying to grow their hair, Shrinkage alone can make the process an uphill battle. It may seem like a Catch 22 trying to keep your hair stretched on a hot humid day.  Many people use blowouts or stretching techniques in order to pull their length back out, but it may be more beneficial to just embrace the shrinkage.

What is Shrinkage?

Shrinkage is when you're hair shrinks and appears smaller than it’s actually length. Natural hair can shrink up to 80% smaller than its original length. Shrinkage is very commonly found in those with type 2 to 4 hair. Although shrinkage has its downsides, it is actually a really good thing. If you're hair shrinks, it actually means that it is healthy.

Why should I embrace my Shrinkage?

While many people with natural hair opt for blowouts or styles that stretch the hair, it may just be easier, and safer, to just leave it alone.

Everyday manipulation by stretching your hair it’s the best way, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair. Blow drying your hair in order to stretch your strands it’s a better option either. This can lead to heat damage, which causes your hair to stop shrinking. That may sound like a dream, but as I said before, shrinkage isn’t the bad guy here. It shows your hair is healthy. By “heat training” your hair to stay straight you are damaging your natural hair pattern.

If you would like to use stretching techniques to stretch your hair, be my guest; however doing this everyday is not recommended. Instead take a break for a few days, walk out the door without pulling and tugging at your hair to make it longer.

I’m not telling you to be all buddy-buddy with shrinkage, but remember that it’s apart of what makes your hair healthy and beautiful. It’s a little reminder that you're hair is healthy and beautiful. So before you do that twist out or plug in that blow dryer, think about just leaving it,  and instead try embracing your hair in its purest natural state.


Happy, Healthy Hair

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