Coconut Oil Review

Recently I started using coconut oil on my hair, my daughter and client’s hair.  I love the results on how the hair feels. So I want to share with you the what’s and how’s of coconut oil.


What form Does Coconut Oil Come In?



Coconut oil by nature is a refined product because oil doesn’t grow on trees but a coconut do.  Coconut oil has to be processed in some type of way in order to be used.   So unrefined is the least processed which would be “virgin coconut oil”.  While “refined coconut oil” or  “RBD coconut oil” is the process of redefined, bleached (not a chemical process but a filter to remove impurities) and deodorized (a steaming process that reduces the natural scent).  


There are different methods in which the oil is extracted from the coconut such as “cold pressed” and expeller-pressed”.  Cold pressed which is the mechanical method of pressing out the oil without the use of an outside heat source. It also can be used for cooking and a moisturizer for the skin.  Then there’s expeller-pressed used in the creating refined coconut oil, this method uses expellers to redefine, bleach and deodorize the coconut oil.

I have use both and have got great results, however if you want to go natural go with virgin or extra virgin coconut oil.

 How I Used It….

So these are a few great ways that I have tried coconut oil.  The first time, a client came in and her hair was unusually dry. I shampooed her hair with a hydrating shampoo then added coconut oil to a moisturizing conditioner, covered her hair with a plastic and let it sit for 10 minutes.  I did not use any heat. Then rinsed with cool water blow-dried and styled. Her hair was not heavy or weighed down. It had a natural shine after her blow-dry, was very flowy, much softer and healthier feeling. 

 Second, I actually oiled my daughters’ scalp. Her scalp was extremely dry from all her summer activities, swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. So she was sweating a lot! With all the activities and sweat there was build up on her scalp. I had to figure out how to get rid of or control it until her activities were over. After shampoo, condition and blow-drying her hair I oiled her scalp and re-oiled every 3 days for 2 weeks. During this time she only wore ponytails so that I was able to brush her hair and stimulate her scalp every time it was oiled. There was a huge improvement in the condition of her scalp and no more build up. It was as if the coconut oil balanced her natural oil level.

 Third, I wanted to put something more natural based on my hair that would not make my hair greasy.  I wash my hair at least twice week because it would get so oily.  I never put styling products on my hair for fear that I would look weighed down and greasy. With coconut oil after I flat ironed my hair I ran a little oil through my hair and it has improved the natural shine and texture without weighing my hair down.  I would wrap my hair or put in a braid to create texture at night and sleep in a satin wrap. Gorgeous!


So coconut oil has many uses and the list goes on. Find us on social media and share your experiences, we would love to hear from you. 

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